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51 Excellent Car Blogs for Car Lovers

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From the time one passes the frightening written exam, carefully glides through the intimidating road test and gets a driver license, one’s love of a car begins.  Sporty or stately, new or vintage, large or small – nothing compares to the roar of the engine, the feel of the leather and the freedom of the open road.  Even the rising cost of gasoline and maintenance cannot prevent automotive enthusiasts from taking to the highway, having adventures and learning more about their cars with each mile that goes by.  Below are 53 blogs through which the love of cars is shared.

  1. Car guy blog – Here is a blog of all sorts of cars and news coming out about cars.
  2. Mustangs – A blogger who writes about all things mustangs and muscle cars.
  3. Classic Car Shows – Learn about different car shows and rally racing.
  4. Hybrid Car – Blogs about good choices for hybrid vehicles.
  5. Car Design Fetish – News for automotive designers.
  6. – Exchange of information for those who love classic cars.
  7. Car, Cars, Car Tips and Info – For those who treat their cars as a “second wife”.
  8. Exotics and Luxury – News for high-end cars.
  9. Motor Mavens – Fans of off road competition will like this.
  10. – For those with a “need for speed”.
  11. – Videos and information for modifying cars.
  12. Troubled Child – Adventures in a Jeep Wagoneer
  13. Ridestory – Car blog by a journalist who loves cars.
  14. Mad Mudders Mud Racing – For those who want to get dirty racing.
  15. Driverthink – Tips on driving your dream car safely.
  16. American Metal Racing – For those who are Camaro enthusiasts.
  17. – News for those who own this German make.
  18. Super Car Experience – Another blog dealing with high-end autos.
  19. Tundra Headquarters – Blog for those who own these Toyota trucks.
  20. – Blog for owners of cars with 1.8L engines.
  21. – For online repair manuals.
  22. – News and reviews of cars old and new.
  23. Car Spy Photos – Pictures of cars to debut in the future.
  24. – A site for luxury and performance car fans.
  25. Auto Fans – Articles on new cars.
  26. Hot Car Box – Information for modifying vehicles by someone who says “I love cars.”
  27. Automobile News Blog – News about all things automotive.
  28. Two Seats or Less – Rare car finds.
  29. – News about cars and auto shows.
  30. Gear Log – Technology for your auto.
  31. Classic Muscle Cars – Site for muscle car information.
  32. – News from the world of auto technology.
  33. Automotive Design Corner – For fans of cars designed by the British.
  34. Art Car Central – When one wants to turn a car into a work of art.
  35. Fixing Cars – Help for those who choose to repair their own cars.
  36. Ferrari News – News for those who love these Italian sports cars.
  37. The Car Nut – Blog from a motoring journalist.
  38. The Caddy Edge – Blog for those who enjoy this American luxury car.
  39. – Focus on motoring “green”.
  40. Stock Car Science – Blog for those who may dabble in auto racing someday.
  41. ChromeFin – For those who see the art in autos.
  42. – Bloggers exchange tips on muscle cars.
  43. – News for owners of these German autos.
  44. Rookie Racing Service – For beginners in the performance automotive world.
  45. Clean Car Talk – For those who own “clean driving cars”.
  46. The Torque Report – More in the world of automotive news and autos.
  47. Saab History – Blog for owners and fans of this Swedish car.
  48. ZoomiLife – More from the world of electric vehicles.
  49. Carversation – Comparisons of vehicles including videos.
  50. SpeedSportLife – Reviews and road tests of various models.
  51. – Auto news with a female slant.

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